Internet Keywords

here is a hole lot of keywords about the internet

Internet key words!


A user is a person who is useing a computer or a network service. They generally use a system or an software product without the technical expertise required to fully understand it. Power users use advanced features of programs, though they are not necessarily capable of computer programming and system administration.


Internet service provider (ISP) is an organization that provides services for accessing, using, or participating in the Internet. Internet service providers may be organized in various forms, such as commercial, community-owned, non-profit, or otherwise privately owned.


a combined device for modulation and demodulation, for example, between the digital data of a computer and the analogue signal of a telephone line.


The Network is basicaly your chrome,internet explorer and all those other things.


a thing made or adapted for a particular purpose, especially a piece of mechanical or electronic equipment.


a computer program with a graphical user interface for displaying HTML files, used to navigate the World Wide Web.


a hypertext document connected to the World Wide Web.

World Wide Web

an information system on the Internet which allows documents to be connected to other documents by hypertext links, enabling the user to search for information by moving from one document to another.


its a activity or business that will provide storage space and access for websites.


A packet is the unit of data that is routed between an origin and a destination on the Internet or any other packet-switched network.The individual packets for a given file may travel different routes through the Internet.


A router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. Routers perform the traffic directing functions on the Internet. A data packet is typically forwarded from one router to another router through the networks that constitute an internetwork until it reaches its destination node.

LANs, RANs and WANs:

A LAN (local area network) is a group of computers and network devices connected together, usually within the same building.A WAN connects several LANs, and may be limited to an enterprise (a corporation or an organization) or accessible to the public. The technology is high speed and relatively expensive.